The best way to Reset a Cisco 2900 Router

As a popular Cisco router product, Cisco 2900 collection features an upgradable motherboard which allows proprietors to update hardware as extra powerful choices turn out to be obtainable without needing to purchase a new router. Cisco also appeals to environmentally aware shoppers with their EngeryWise dual power materials, which lessen energy prices and aid critical redundancy prerequisites. It is actually often important to reset this effective networking unit, restoring it to factory default settings.

To reset a Cisco 2900 router, e.g. Cisco 3925, Cisco 3945, some Cisco 2900 customers have discussed it like that:
About “3945 router password Restoration”
“Hello There,
I know that the password must be changed the first time we login to Cisco 3945 router but i unsuccessful to do this and it's not enabling me to attach utilizing default username/password.
Can an individual enable me in finding this dealt with??” ---From vnirmal112

Responses from others
“You can but it's not necessary to change the password The 1st time you login into the 2900. Do you think you're attempting to attach utilizing the console port or telnet?”

“Logged onto router by using console...was going to configure a brand new router...I bought a transparent message indicating that i can't login next time if I do not alter password, which i saw immediately after logging off only :-(...”

“I am running twelve.4.24.When you haveanother flash card, you can put a unique IOS on it and boot it with that and find out if you can find in.The other point you are able to do is to test the password Restoration and see if you can obtain in this way. Did you at any time assign any passwords to it?”

Also disappointed using this type of Cisco 2900 resetting? Directions allow you to reset Cisco 2900 sequence intimately
System Just one
one. Enter "config-sign-up 0x2102" within the router's command prompt window. This offers you access to global configuration mode.

2. Enter "present Model." The reaction need to examine:
router# configure terminal
router (config) #config-sign up 0x2102
router (config) #close
Repeat the "show version" command.
The reaction should now read "will probably be 0x2102 at following reload."

three. Enter the command "publish erase." This will likely erase The present start off-up configuration.

4. Reload the computer software by getting into the "reload" command. Usually do not preserve when prompted.
The program Show must study:
Method configuration continues to be modified. Save? (yes/no): n
Proceed with reload? (ensure)
Affirm you want the reload to progress.

five. Anticipate the reload. The dialog box will read through:---Program Configuration Dialog---
Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? (yes/no)
The router has been reset.

Process Two
one. Enter the command "config-sign-up 0x2142."
The reaction really should read through:
Router (config)#config-sign-up 0x2142
Repeat the "demonstrate Model command."
The response must now go through "will likely oblaganje zidova be 0x2142 at up coming reload."

2. Reload the software by moving into the "reload" command. Will not help save when prompted. The technique must go through:
Program configuration continues to be modified. Conserve? (Yes/no): n
Proceed with reload? (Affirm)
Validate that you'd like the reload to move forward.

3. Wait for the reload. The dialog box will browse:
---Process Configuration Dialog---
Would you prefer to enter the Preliminary configuration dialog? (Sure/no)Enter "no."

four. Alter the configuration sign-up setting to 0x2102. Enter "config-sign up 0x2102." Enter "publish memory." This can overwrite the operating configuration.

five. Enter the "reload" command. The technique configuration dialog will look again. The router is reset.

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